High Honors From The Tennessee House of Representatives

During his most recent business seminar, “Achieving Business Success For The Long Haul,” hosted by the Williamson County Public Library, the Honorable State Representative Glen Casada presented Tom with an official proclamation from the Tennessee House, recognizing his contributions to the literary community in both fiction and non-fiction, his past endeavors as the founder of Juris Inc. and his success in the information technology and legal industries.

“Tom Collins truly has achieved excellence with his past endeavors in the legal world, information technology industry and literary community. We are excited to honor him with this very special proclamation.” – State Representative Glen Casada

The free business seminar included participants from all walks of life as Tom shared his secrets to success. As he described his “formula to attain lasting superior performance” within an organization, attendees received an introduction to his latest literary success, The Language of Excellence.


Barnes & Noble at Vanderbilt Event

Great event.  Nashville's local Fox News covered the event. In addition to signing The Claret Murders, I discussed the changing publishing industry and what it means for authors and readers. There were a lot of questions about the writing process. Where do the ideas come from?  Do you prepare an outline, etc?  I think many were surprised to discover that I do not work from an outline.  I start with a couple of ideas and then let the characters take the story where they will.  I expanded that just as a reader has to unravel the mystery, I am doing the same thing as the author--often letting the characters clime out on a limb and then trying to figure out how to get them back down.


High Tea

A tea at Belmont Mansion:  The author joined fifty ladies and gents for tea in the historic Belmont Mansion. In addition to signing his books, Tom Collins read from his latest novel, The Claret Murders, and discuss the changing world of books as well as his conversion from business executive to mystery/adventure author.  Belmont Mansion’s meticulous restoration and unique role in the history of Nashville and the South draws visitors eager to hear its story from all over the country, Canada and the United Kingdom.