DIVERSION is hitting the bookshelves

The print proof was approved and the press is rolling. DIVERSION is the fifth Mark Rollins Adventure. I want my existing readers to have a chance to buy a signed hardcover collector’s edition with free shipping. The retail price for the hardcover edition is $29.00. This is an opportunity to complete your own set of the adventure series.  It is also an opportunity to buy several additional signed copies of the collector’s edition for Christmas or birthday gifts at a substantial savings. If you order multiple copies, all the copies in your order will receive a 25% discount.  Shipping remains free for your entire order.

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DIVERSION is timely, addressing real life issues our society is dealing with today. It is about the opioid crisis, illegal drugs, murder, a missing girl, the Bonnaroo music Festival, and a plot to shut down American military drones.

The drug crisis is fueled by the illegal use of pain medications like Percocet and Fentanyl. Until recently, pill mills in Florida were where you went for a prescription. Now those drugs are moving to rural Middle Tennessee.

The bucolic area around Manchester and Tullahoma, Tennessee, has become infested with pill mills selling prescriptions for cash. That area is home to the Bonnaroo Music Festival and the propulsion test facilities at the Arnold Air Force Base that are essential to keep military drones flying in the war against terrorism. Both the Bonnaroo fans and the testing facilities are targets the country’s enemies are willing to die for.

A call for help from an old family friend puts Mark Rollins and his team of crime fighters squarely in the middle of it all. It was a simple enough request. All Rollins had to do was drive to the jail in Manchester, collect the girl, and take her home to her frantic mother. But, the girl wasn’t there! What had seemed simple quickly became dangerously complicated.

Diversion—the opioid crisis, illegal drugs, murder, a missing girl, Bonnaroo, and a plot to shut down American military drones.

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The hardcover edition was officially published September 29, 2017.  Unsigned copies are already available on Amazon.  In a few weeks, the Kindle version will also be available.  Currently, the plan is for Amazon to have a ninety-day exclusive for digital editions of the book.  Many readers purchase a hardcover edition for their library collection and a digital copy for the convenience of anytime/anywhere access. 

You can order your signed copies from www.tomcollinsauthor.com or by clicking on ORDER DIVERSION NOW.  When you place a multiple copy order, the undiscounted price initially appears in your cart; however, don’t worry.  When you check out, the 25% discount will be applied automatically. You will have a chance to review your discounted order before finalizing it.  It is not necessary to enter any promotional code.  

Your multiple order discount will be applied automatically at check out.

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