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Come on guys; I need more reviews of my new book Diversion on Amazon or Goodreads.

Check out the news release in the News section of this Blog.  For those that haven't read Diversion yet, it is available for the Kindle or in hardcover on Amazon. The print version is also available from other online sources and you can buy a signed copy on this site,                           

The gripping plot in Diversion unfolds against the backdrop of the opioid drug crisis in rural Middle Tennessee—an anesthesiologist dies, a young girl goes missing, and terrorists plot an attack that could kill thousands or shut down American’s military drones.

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The drug crisis is fueled by the illegal use of pain medications like Percocet and Fentanyl. Until recently, pill mills in Florida were where you went for a prescription. Now those drugs are moving to rural Middle Tennessee.

Pill mills selling prescriptions for cash are showing up in the bucolic area around Manchester and Tullahoma, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville. The area is home to the Bonnaroo Music Festival and the propulsion test facilities at the Arnold Air Force Base that are essential to keep military drones flying in the war against terrorism. Both the Bonnaroo fans and the testing facilities are targets the country’s enemies are willing to die for.

A call for help from an old family friend puts Mark Rollins and his high-tech team of crime fighters squarely in the middle of it all. It was a simple enough request. All Rollins had to do was drive to the jail in Manchester, collect the girl, and take her home to her frantic mother. But, the girl wasn’t there! What had seemed simple quickly became dangerously complicated.

Diversion—the opioid drug crisis, a missing girl, Bonnaroo, and a plot to shut down American military drones.

What the video trailer for more about Diversion. 

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