Talk About Tasteless!

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Nothing like exploiting the annual family Christmas photo shoot for crass commercialism. Then again, I need to sell books to pay off my credit card purchases for those Christmas gifts under the tree.

Granted my new mystery adventure, Diversion, is not exactly a Christmas story. To the contrary, it is a fictional account of murder and mayhem fed by drugs; not just any drugs, legal drugs. The kind of drugs prescribed by doctors, pain medications—opioids.

The Diversion story has its beginnings in New England, New Jersey, Southern Florida and the Middle East; then the pieces converge in small town Middle Tennessee. The main actors in Diversion live in Franklin, Nashville and Miami. Much of the action take places in Manchester and Tullahoma Tennessee. That area is the home of Bonnaroo Music Festival with some seventy-five thousand attendees and the Arnold Air Force Base which operates the most advanced flight test facilities in the world. Nothing flies, except through Arnold!

You can purchase Diversion on, or for a signed copy go to my web by clicking here.

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