Mark Rollins And The Rainmaker

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Mark Rollins And The Rainmaker is book #2 in the Mark Rollins adventure series and should be of particular interest to anyone involved in the practice of law or law office management.  Yes, it is fictional mystery. But, it deals with real life law office management issues. As for the story, it's Nashville and someone wants to kill Bunny's much older husband, a prominent attorney, the law firm's public face--its rainmaker.

Mark Rollins, a retired technology entrepreneur, has become the creator/owner of an exclusive fitness center catering to socially elite women of Nashville. In Mark Rollins and the Rainmaker, someone is trying to kill the husband of a fitness club member. Her husband is a prominent Nashville attorney--the rainmaker for his law firm. Rollins sets out to unmask the villain before it is too late--a task that proves dangerous, and the danger spreads as the diabolical killer's targets expand. To pick up the killer's trail, Rollins and his colorful MBA sidekick, Mariko Lee, pose as financial consultants hired by the law firm. Mariko discovers that the seeds causing many law firms to self-destruct and that in this case provide a motive for murder can be found in the numbers. As they close in on the villain's identity, Rollins and his team race against the clock to unravel the killer's final desperate plan. 

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