Lonely Planet is reading "The Language of Excellence"


The Nashville headquarters of the company Lonely Planet is using my book The Language of Excellence in its management training program. A bulk purchase program is available for companies and organizations that want the book for training or promotional purposes.

The book is a powerful training tool—one that makes doing and saying the right things, making the right decisions and avoiding the wrong ones, a habit.

The book is also the perfect gift for a company’s business clients or prospects. Sales organizations use signed copies of the book as a door opener—a gift that has the capacity to increase the recipient’s business and personal success.

Author and management training expert Gary Slaughter said The Language of Excellence by Tom Collins is among the best five books I have ever read on the subject of management and leadership.  For a list of the best five management and leadership books click on FIVE BOOKS.  

For more about The Language of Excellence at a discounted price for bulk purchases go to http://www.tomcollinsauthor.com/language-of-excellence/.

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