It's Cold Outside-Time for a Good Book

Why not read something people you know are reading, like this this one—The Claret Murders?  

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The Claret murders tells the story of a fictious mystery during the real life 2010 Nashville flood. It is available in hard cover, paperback, kindle and other digital formats.  If you prefer listening to reading, then get this great story on Audible. You can also buy, a signed library edition at

Here is what one reader had to say:

“I am typically not one to enjoy murder mysteries due to my own craving for believable plots. That doesn't stop me from reading one now and then. Collins's novel strains the bounds of my beliefs in some ways as there are tools at Rollins' disposal that would be the envy of any spy! However, the difference between this novel and those I've read in the past is the management of characters and the interweaving of real events with a believable plot. I could see myself in places mentioned in the novel (some of which I have seen) and almost felt the invisible witness to things not even Rollins is privy to view.

Curious as well is the use of drones for reconnaissance, something once unbelievable yet with the news of 106 governmental agencies being granted rights by the FAA to fly them, quite believable now. The story-telling ability of Collins keeps you engaged and makes it hard to stop reading. And his prescience for anticipating the use of drones by non-governmental entities may be foretelling the expanse of their reach and capabilities in the future.

The Claret Murders was an enjoyable read for me and as a skeptic to murder/mysteries, that is quite a feat. I recommend this to anyone who loves to read a good story.”

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