Must Have Kitchen Tools for Seniors

Times have changed. Now, you need a new set of tools to survive in the kitchen, and don’t forget the Band-Aids. It is all because of how our foods are packaged. Thank goodness that now we can buy most milk products in bottles, but cartons are still around, and it’s the only way to buy cream or specialty milk products like buttermilk. Just try to open those cartons by following the instruction—"press here”.  Forget about it—can’t be done. Go get the saw!

Opening today’s hermetically sealed jars, (pickles, preserves, mayonnaise, etc.) would challenge Hercules. Hot water, lid tapping, and table pounding doesn’t get the job done any more. Even the simple and safe looking packages of bacon and what we used to call lunch meat has become defeating. The package instructions read “peel from here”. I should read peel from hell! Oh, and what about the resealable Ziploc style packages that will not reseal, at least not  my me. And God help us and bring the Band-Aids, if you try to open a can of green beans, or some other canned goods, using those pull-to-open rings on the top of the cans. I have visions of amputated fingers. I usually I save my fingers, but don’t always succeed opening the things without the help of some tool. More than once, the only thing that stood between me and dinner has been my hammer and chisel!

I have discovered that continuing  to eat requires a new set of kitchen tools.  Luckily, I found most of what I need in the tool shed.  

New Kitchen tools.jpg

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