Quell Miracle

I don’t sing the praises of many products. Most don’t serve their intended purpose, or they could be better built, easier to use, etc. But I can’t say enough good things about the Quell—especially Quell 2.0.


I have been dealing with chronic pain with since 2004. Most doctors have indicated that they believe my pain is misdirected pain from the back. In addition to structural problems, I probably have some nerve damage resulting from operations, chemotherapy, and radiation.

It is hard to describe continuous pain. One pain will mask another. Whatever is hurting most at the time becomes one’s focus. Recently the worst pain has been in my legs when seated which makes an evening of TV watching a horror show even if it’s on the Hallmark channel. Physical therapy didn’t stop the pain. Medicine was little help. I was almost ready to give the go ahead for surgery to fuse whatever they could fuse in the back just to give me some relief.  I couldn’t spend the rest of my life standing or lying flat, the only positions that stop the constant pain.

Then I saw a commercial for the Quell device.  I paid the full $299 dollars to Amazon.  When it arrived, I charged it up and strapped it to my leg. The pain stopped! I can wear the devise on either leg because it does not matter which leg the quell is on. 

It could be a coincidence. It might not work for everyone. But for me it is a Miracle! I’m not taking any chances. I’m not taking it off!

Quell is promoted as “wearable pain relief technology.” Go to www.quellrelief.com to find out how Quell's neurotechnology blocks chronic pain. The Quell system is FDA cleared for use during the day while active, or at night while sleeping. What's more, it's easy to use.

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