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From now through the end of July, digital editions of all five of my published books are FREE on Smashwords.  The Smashwords digital editions include all four currently published Mark Rollins adventure mysteries listed below, and my book on leadership, The Language of Excellence.

Mark Rollins’ New Career & the Women’s Health Club
Mark Rollins and the Rainmaker
Mark Rollins and the Puppeteer
The Claret Murders
The Language of Excellence

Don’t forget to look for my new Mark Rollins adventure, Diversion.  This new mystery will be available later this year. The problem of opioid/drug abuse in the U. S. is very serious.  I see something in the news about it almost every day.  Nevertheless, there are legitimate needs for opioids to treat chronic pain.  I for one benefit from prescribed opioid pain relievers.  However, there is a dark side and it is called DiversionIt occurs when drugs that are legal when properly prescribed are diverted to the streets and recreational use.  

Diversion—illegal drugs, murder, a missing girl, and a plot to shut down American military drones.  Look for it later this year!

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