Global Expansion

Earth Has Never Stopped Changing

expanding earth.jpg

Powers far greater than man’s shaped Earth’s past and control its destiny. Some believe the current configuration of land and seas is the result of global expansion—that our earth, as illustrated above, doubled in size over the last million years. Others believe that it was continual shift that pulled Pangaea apart forming the current continental configuration. In addition to the movement of its land masses and formation of seas, Earth has been frozen and defrosted, slammed by Cosmic Objects, and exploded by volcanic eruptions. Earth is also constantly bombarded by solar winds and fluctuating radiant energy from our Sun. Our atmosphere’s chemical composition has never been constant—it too is influenced by solar forces, geological variations, and environmental activity.

Given the enormous controlling powers, the idea that mankind can preserve Earth’s character as of a given point in time, or that such character deserves to be preserved to the exclusion of others, seems a bit silly. Doesn’t it?  

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