Jack Daniel's

Squire Collins

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I got a letter the other day address to Squire M. Thomas Collins from none other than Kevin Sanders, The Barrel Man.

I have received a few titles over the years.  I am, for example, a three times Tennessee Colonel Aide de Camp having had the title bestowed upon me by three different Governors.  Unfortunately, the title Colonel never stuck for me as it did for Colonel Sanders. 

A squire is “a man of high social standing who owns an estate in a rural area.That is how I became Squire Collins.  I own Plot number 3602f in Lynchburg, Tennessee, home of the Jack Daniel’s Distillery.  The land havening been granted to me by Jack Daniel’s several years back for my loyalty to Old No. 7, the top selling American whiskey in the world!

The Barrel Man was just bringing me up to date on things going on in and around my property.  The big news was about Coco, the Barrel Man’s Jack Russell terrier. Coco had seen a fat corn snake which she chased up a tree. The dog never would stop barking and eventually fell asleep under the tree. Of course, the snake managed to slither away at the opportunity.  Anyway, Coco is still hunting for that darn snake and has taking to barking at every tree.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of trees in Lynchburg. The Barrel Man was letting me know in case Coco becomes a nuisance. He says that if you see her, a small brown dog, yapping at a tree, just call her name, Coco, and tell her to move along.  

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