I Live to Write Another Day

Time to go home again.

Sanibel 2018.jpg

Hopefully the Franklin birds have moved on to find another sucker with a bird feeder and an unlimited budget for bird welfare. I leave behind well fed birds of Sanibel who actually work for their food.

Sanibel Island is known for its shells which were mysteriously missing this year. I understand that the missing shells are the result of result of unintended consequences from the September 2017 big one—Irma. Apparently, Irma cleaned out the crustacean beds lying off Sanibel’s shores. That wasn’t something anyone was expecting. Sounds like something our government might have been in charge of. Congress is the master of unintended consequences.

Had a great time in the Sun except for adding a two-inch gash in the top of my head. Just as I was raising up, getting something out of the car trunk, the trunk lid decided to come down. The local doctor put things right, and I live to write another day.

# # #

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