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Mark Rollins' New Career and the Women's Health Club by Tom Collins

Against the backdrop of daily life in his fitness club for socially elite, wealthy women of Nashville, Tennessee, Mark Rollins investigates the disappearance of a club member's investment banker husband. The mystery reaches far beyond Nashville's city limits and puts Rollins and team in the gun sites of an organized criminal enterprise.

Mark Rollins and the Rainmaker by Tom Collins

It’s Nashville and someone wants to kill Bunny’s much older husband, a prominent attorney, the law firm’s public face—its rainmaker.

Mark Rollins and the Puppeteer by Tom Collins

It’s Nashville and If you are looking for booze, women, song, or anything else, you go to Printers Alley. And that is where they found Mark Rollins's friend—a lawyer and rising political star—with a bullet through his head!

The Claret Murders by Tom Collins

It's Nashville... with a devastating flood, a beautiful lawyer, a deadly secret, and wine to kill for!

The Language of Excellence by Tom Collins

This book is simple. It is about the pursuit of excellence through leadership. It will give you the tools to empower others with the confidence to take the right action while they are on the front line.