Download One of My Books for Free

Smashwords' free book promotion, March 5-March 11, is over. While most of the Smashwords digital editions of my books have returned to their regular price, I have continued to offer the first book in the Mark Rollins mystery series for free. To download a free copy go to

The promotion added 36 new people to my reader base.  Most of the new downloads were for my adventure mysteries featuring Mark Rollins. The Language of Excellence gained some new readers as well. While I am happy to offer that leadership handbook in digital form, it really deserves paper and is available in both paperback and hardback on amazon. You can also purchase signed copies or buy multiple copies of the guide book at a discount by going to 

The Language of Excellence is a powerful training tool, one that makes doing and saying the right things a habit. It is also the perfect gift for business clients or prospects. Some companies use the book as a door opener—a gift, for the very important decision maker, that has the capacity to increase his or her profits and growth. 

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