How do you create something out of nothing?

When the Dot-Com industry erupted on the world economy, entrepreneurs like Kevin O’Connor did just that.  And they made a fortune doing it.  What sets O’Connor apart is that he tells us how he did it in his book, “The Map of Innovation.”  His book is about how to generate ideas and select the right one (or ones) to pursue for success and wealth.  He calls his process BPT or Brainstorming Prioritization Technique.

Here is Kevin’s BPT checklist: 

Get the right people in the room.
Define the problem (question or issue) carefully.
Spend up to twenty minutes brainstorming, no discussion.
Explain and talk about the ideas until everyone is clear on what they are.
Combine similar ideas.
Number the ideas.
Divide the total number of ideas by three.  This is the number of votes each person gets.
Only one vote per idea.
Circle the top three to six ideas.
Ignore everything else.

While the above process may sound rather mechanical, it produced fortune building ideas for he people Keven got in the room.  When you put smart people in a room they are going to have great, perhaps even ground breaking, ideas—too many of them in fact.  Perhaps the most important part of Keven’s BPT process is the part about Ignoring everything other than the best three to six ideas.  It that everything else that gets in the way, and keeps most people from succeeding “big”.

He writes something very profound in one of his early chapters; yet, it sounds so elementary:

All businesses, no matter what business you are in, really boil down to answering three questions:
1.Who are your customers?
2 What are their needs?
3. How can you solve those needs most efficiently?

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