Idiocracy, More Science Fiction or …?

As our march into the future continues, our future increasingly looks like the dystopic world depicted in the black comedy, Idiocracy. Who can forget the “Great Garbage Avalanche of 2505.”. Well as sad as it is, the NBC and Reuters headline for April 17, 2017 read, “Sri Lanka Garbage Dump Disaster: 100 Feared Dead After Trash Pile Collapse.”

NBC reported that “Hopes were fading …for the survival of some 100-people trapped under the mud and debris of a landslide at a giant garbage dump in the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo.”

Reuters Africa reported “The 300-foot-high dump in the Meethotamulla area on the border of the commercial heart of Colombo collapsed …… burying many homes.”

So, the controversy continues. Is Idiocracy just another science fiction movie, or as some suggest, did the writers actually time travel to the future and simply create a documentary? In an article by Cory Dudak, she identifies ten Idiocracy occurrences that have already taken place since the release of the film in 2013.

The “Great Garbage Avalanche of 2505” gets closer every day!


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