Blackmail Follow-up


Well, nothing happened. The day I was supposed to be exposed came and went with no mega email burst to all my contacts. I say nothing happened, but I changed a lot of passwords and I started using a password system, Dashlane, to protect myself. And on day two, the blackmailer dropped his price from $6000 to $1000—still wanted payment in Bitcoin.

I have also learned from law enforcement that this scheme is rather common. I wonder just how many people are taken in and actually pay up. I guess it doesn’t take many to make the blackmailer happy. It is a poor commentary on society, that the assumption is a lot of people are secretly watching porn. I should add that the “Me Too” movement promotes the idea that all men are lecherous dirty old men. If we are not molesting women, we are in a dark room somewhere watching porn.

I think that is a bad rap. At least in the circle of my friends and business associates. It is a stereotype that places men in a guilty until proven innocent position—as our new Supreme Court nominee is discovering. It appears there is no equal footing when it comes to the issue of innocence or guilt. Maybe in such matters, it was always one sided—just the other way around. But either way, the presumption of guilt is dangerous and destructive for society.

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