I Stand Corrected


In my prior post updating readers about the attempted blackmail, I said that the men I knew didn’t spend their time viewing porn. But, it depends on your definition of porn. My wife reminded me about the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, Playboy magazine, Hustler, etc. and “it was not just for the articles”. As she pointed out, there was a time when Hugh Hefner was celebrated—even among the liberal Hollywood crowd.

And, women are reading—Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour, etc. with articles like 50 Ways to Seduce a Man, and lots of info on looking sexy and hot.

Yes, men do like to look at beautiful women and women aren’t exempt from looking and thinking about men. I think God made us that way.

The Internet porn I was talking about in my prior post seems different from the magazines. Not sure what makes it different. I suppose it is the anonymous side of it—something doable in secrete. Whereas, the magazines are on store shelves. That must be a validation of some sort. Apparently, the Internet is different enough that someone would be willing to pay a blackmail demand to keep from having their Outlook contacts know they watched a porn site.

To read my original post go to Attempted Blackmail. For the follow-up go to Blackmail Follow-up.

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